Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules is the second book of the series by Jeff Kinney. The book was released on February 1, 2008.


The second book takes place during Greg Heffley's first half of his seventh grade year. The story begins with an event happening over the summer, Greg's refusal to talk about it, and his brother, Rodrick Heffley, holding it over his head. Greg's dad makes him join the swim team but he just hides out in the bathroom during the entire session. When school started up, no one would go near him and Greg couldn't figure out why until he remembered that he still has the Cheese Touch from last year. Greg quickly pawned it off on a new kid in his homeroom, Jeremy Pindle. Girls swarmed around Greg's best friend, Rowley Jefferson, asking him about his summer trip to South America which really upset Greg. One of Greg's friends, Chirag Gupta, was supposed to move but his parents changed their minds. Greg then decides to start a prand in which all of his friends pretend Chirag never moved back. The joke, known as the "Invisible Chirag Joke" was put to the end by Chirag's father intervening. A few days later, Greg's parents leave the house and Rodrick throws a big party. Rodrick forces Greg to help him clean up but the party is eventually found out a month later and they are grounded. The school talent show then attracts Rodrick and his band to enter so he can attract record labels. However, all the video recordings of the band turn out to be a flop (due to the fact that when his mom recorded it, on stage, she talked almost all the time and shook the camera too much, and the recording made by the school was also ruined, due to the fact that during Rodrick's drum solo his mother started dancing to it, and the cameraman zoomed right in on her) and Rodrick blames Greg and releases Greg's secret. Greg then reveals that the secret was he was at his grandfather's condo and Rodrick sees his diary. Greg then runs into the bathroom to hide which turns out to be a women's bathroom and he is removed by security. The next day at school all the kids starts congratulating Greg and he learns the story got morphed into a story saying he purposely infiltrated a girl's locker room at Crossland High School. Greg doesn't tell anyone the truth and pretends it did really happen. The novel ends with Greg helping out Rodrick on his science project.


Main CharactersEdit

  • Greg Heffley
  • Rodrick Heffley
  • Rowley Jefferson
  • Manny Heffley
  • Susan Heffley
  • Frank Heffley
  • Grandpa

(Bold indicates the two main characters of the book)

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