Gregory (Greg) Heffley
This is a picture of the main character, Greg.


June 16,1999


Rowley Jefferson, Chirag Gupta


Video games, sleeping, Boy Scouts Troop 133 (Troop 999 in the parody), fooling around with His younger brother


His older brother, school, sports, Boy Scouts Troop 24, When he doesn't get to watch the shows he likes


Self-considered, lazy, mischeavious, irresponsible

Greg Heffley is the main character in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series by Jeff Kinney.

Appearance Edit

  1. Greg is usually depicted with black shorts, or black pants and a white shirt and very little hairs on the top of his head and also very big ears . He is very skinny and does not seem to eat nor work out much. His father has tried to get him to work out and exercise, but he prefers playing video games, much to the dismay of his father. Greg also wears contacts and in the third book he lost his contacts so he has to wear his glasses and is embarrassed by his mother. Greg is also trying to be the cool or popular kid in school, to no avail. He gets assistance from Rowley for most of his ideas.

Interactions with Other Characters Edit

Rodrick Edit

Rodrick needs to find a girlfirend .  rodrick is Greg's older brother and he treats Greg just like the kids at school. He is a sophomore in high school. In Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules, Rodrick plays a more significant role in the story, as does his band called Löded Diper, in which he plays the drums. He argues with him a lot in the second book. They were both grounded after their parents discovered Rodrick's party, blaming Greg for thinking that he helped him, but he in fact was locked in the basement.

Manny Edit

Manny is Greg's younger brother. He appears as the size of a letter in the book. Greg resents his younger brother. When Manny was first born, Greg harbored a hope that he could bully his new baby brother just as Rodrick bullied him, but his parents turned out to be much more protective of Manny than they had of Greg. He is also annoyed that he calls Greg "Bubby". In the second book, Manny broke Greg's game system by shoving a cookie in the disc drive. He apologizes to Greg by giving him a ball of aluminum foil with five spikes sticking out of it. Greg tries to trash it, but his mother stops him. Greg worries that he might sit on it; this fate did not happen to him but rather Rowley.

Rowley Edit

Rowley often treats Greg as a great friend, but sometimes ignores and avoids him for other interests including a new friend, action figures, and comics. Greg broke Rowley's arm after knocking him off his bike in the winter. Rowley's dad does not like Greg because he uses Greg as an example for a "bad influence". Most of the time Greg goes over to Rowley's house to play video games and have sleepover.

Frank and Susan Heffley Edit

Greg's mom and dad are not often mad at their son, Greg, except for extreme situations like the party in the second book. Mom is rarely angry at Greg, while his Dad is more emotional. Like Rowley's dad, Greg's father puts Rowley as an example for an "accident prone" person. Greg's mom has "rules". Every time Greg or Rodrick does something bad, and Manny sees it, they have to give him money. Mom used to have a system of “Mom Bucks”, currency used to motivate Greg and Rodrick. However, this ended once Greg discovered they were in fact the currency used in Zoopoly and obtained an unlimited supply of $100,000 "Mom Bucks".

Natasha Bickford Edit

Greg used to like Natasha until Natasha rejected his love note.

Holly Hills Edit

Greg has always kind of liked Holly. Holly is the the most popular girl in Greg's grade. Even though she is the 4th prettiest girl in the class, the top 3 have boyfriends so many of the guys are trying to get in good with Holly. At the end of the third book, he gives up on trying to impress Holly.

Trista Edit

Greg likes Trista up to the point where Trista ditches Greg and Rowley for a lifeguard.

Parody Edit

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Sucks Edit

In this parody, Greg's relationship with Rodrick is incredibly more harsh. Rodrick even kept hammers at the back of his van to try to crush Greg after a swimming meet, and even claimed it was opposite day when Greg told him to go easy on the brakes (which he did not do, but rather run over all the rainbow pads, which are Mario Kart speed boosts, in the city.) Rodrick now has telekinesis and can levitate things at will, including his parents and siblings. Rodrick also plays ear-deafening music that is enough to give Greg a heart attack. Rodrick is also obsessed with his Xbox 360 and his Wii, and his excuse for not doing chores is always "*insert character here* has a schedule."

At the end of the book, Greg purposely fails Rodrick by making "Do Plants Sneeze?" Rodrick then drops out of school.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Lost Episodes Edit

In this parody, Greg is a drug user and abuser, especially in the cases of alcohol and cocaine. He is also much more violent; the above actions were not and could not be explained. He could not get off drugs and has many times gotten "high" and caused mayhem with Rowley. Greg hates Mr. Litch, the drill teacher in soccer and will jail him at any chance with the newly-introduced "jail buttons" that cause havoc. Greg has murdered, in this book (as a result of malevolence) Mrs. Lowry, Erick Bickford, and attempted to kill Rowley, too. He has also caused an act of malevolence against his parents and Holly Hills. At the end of the book, he successfully quits drugs.

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