Manny Heffley


February 7,2008


His Family & His Imaginary Friends


Getting attention from Susan Heffley, his straight line on his hot dog, his sandwich cut in quarters, Sesame Street, calling His brother "Bubby!", his parents spoiling him, mom teaching him how to use the toilet, his favorite ornament on the tree first by him, his imaginary friends, "The Silly Bear" poem, getting treated fairly, peeing in the kiddie pool, his tingy


His oldest brother burning his toy, when his sandwich isn't cut in quarters, his hot dog without a straight line, When His 2nd brother accidentally made him swallow yarn, the shows Greg Heffley likes, leaving his imaginary friend in the grocery store, houses with scary props, When he needs to make real friends, His dad throwing away his tingy


Spoiled, Selfish, Extremely Whiny, Intelligent (For his age), Autistic


To Let Greg Heffley, Rodrick Heffley, and Susan Heffley die of hypothermia.

Manny Heffley is the main antagonist of the book Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Cabin Fever.


Manny Heffley is intitally protrayed simply as a spoild child, always getting what he wants and ask's his parents for ridiculous requests and throwing temper tantrums when he doesn't get his way. His parents would give him privilages that neither his older brothers, Greg and Rodrick, received at Manny's age, such as he was allowed to bring toys into church. He has also shown an inability to stay at one Pre School.

The sixed book shows the extent of Manny's selfishness, it is shown that he know's Greg's computer password and made it impossible for him to access his game. He later does the same to the family's TV only allowing his favorite show's to air on thier TV. On Christmas Eve, once Manny hears of a coming blizzard and decided it was every man for himself, so he stole much of the family's food and convinences and shuts down all the power in the house exept for his room so he can remain pampered, leading the others into thinking the storm blew the power out. While Greg's father Frank was staying at a hotel because of the blizzard, Greg, Rodrick and their mother were freezing in their house, in fear of starvation. They would've been dead had not for a passing visit from Greg's friend Rowley, from who Greg finds out that none of the power was blown out from the blizzard. Greg checks the power circuit and finds out about Manny's plan. When Greg and his mother confront Manny, Manny makes up the excuse that he did it because no one taught him to tie his shoes. The next day, Mrs Heffley teaches Manny but as useual, doesn't punish him.


  • Out of all the antagonist's in the series, Manny is the only one who tries to kill someone (Hypothermia).
  • Manny will probably never grow up and stay a spoiled little brat for his entire life.
  • He was born when Rodrick was in 7th Grade and Gregory was in 3rd Grade.
  • He'll be in 3rd Grade When Greg Heffley graduates High School.